This free spec writing service is aimed at architects, planners, and designers.

As a premium door hardware manufacturer, FSB offers complete specification services for door hardware for premium projects at no cost to the project.

Our spec writing process contains four steps from the initial project information and aesthetic vision to the software-based specifications and the formulation of the hardware groupings.

This service is a must for architects, planners, and designers. Experience a webcast with technology at highest level. We present solutions with an unparalleled sense for the aesthetic of functionality.

FSB and the courage for aesthetics in their functional form.
A handle is never just a handle. A door handle, a window handle or a lever handle are always a commitment to a clearly defined design language. This confession requires courage. Courage to be consistent. Courage to design. Courage to detail. Courage for sustainability. FSB has this courage for perfection. For 140 years.

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Door hardware specifications may differ from country to country as well as from building to building. Every building has different functional requirements to fulfill, and these are also mirrored in our door-planning process. We undertake this complex process and ensure that the design, as well as the surface finish of the product, is coherent to achieve your aesthetic vision.

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1. Check

First of all, we check the architectural plans, door elevations, door schedules, and details – and we want to know everything about the design and the aesthetic vision.

2. Feed

Then we feed our unique software tool with all the Architect's door schedule information. We review the floorplans to understand the exit plans, electronic hardware requirements, and essential aesthetic requirements.

3. Finish

At last, we systematically review all of the door and window openings and apply the correct combination of products that form the hardware groupings.

Your FSB Spec Writing Experts.

Timothy J. Perry
Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC, CSI, Reg. AI)

Timothy Perry has been in the Architectural Hardware / Ironmongery industry since 1995. He specializes in writing "door by door" specifications complete with a NBS P21 or CSI 87100 as required. Over the years, he has worked on many projects for well-known international architectural design firms around the world.

Reinke Massolle, Dip GAI
GAI Diploma Holder

Reinke Massolle has been with FSB for over 3 years and is responsible for taking care of sales partners in Middle East and USA. He has completed his Dip GAI certificate course from the Guild of Architectural Ironmongery, UK and is able to support Architects much better through his studies.

Martuza Kaizer
GAI Diploma Holder

Murtuza Kaizer has achieved his industry qualifications from the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers in the UK. Having managed the branch office for 12 years of well known distributor, he eventually progressed to represent German door hardware manufacturers as he does today & for the past 6 years already!

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